Local Authorized Representative Services for Australia-New Zealand

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of approval services aimed at assuring compliance with Australian and New Zealand regulations. (We can also assist you with other global regulations such as CE, FCC, IC, etc.) Our fluency in Japanese, English and Chinese Mandarin, will establish and maintain a close, trusting relationship with our clients based on proven performance and total dedication to their products.RCM Merge

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  • Telecommunications-Mobile Phone certification (Link to telecoms Certification Body next page)acma_logo jpg
  • ElectroMedical
  • Scientific instruments
  • Automotive electronics
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Electrical/electronic equipment in these categories must comply with EMC and Electrical Safety standards and must be labelled with the RCM (formerly C-tick/A-tick). Most devices can also be approved for sale in New Zealand using the RCM compliance documentation. There are many benefits in appointing EMC Technologies as your Local Representative.

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We can arrange all the test and documentation that are required to market in world markets. We can advise on the most efficient path to global compliance with only one pass through the test house.

Telecoms Certification Body

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has appointed EMC Technologies Pty Ltd, as a certification body for the purposes of Division 7 of Part 21 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.
Devices connecting to the mobile phone network must comply with the Telecommunications Labelling (Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Notice 2001 (TLN).
To legally use or sell these mobile phones and similar devices in Australia, they must comply with:

  • AS/CA S042.1 Requirements for connection to an air interface of a telecommunications network – Part 1: General
  • AS/ACIF S042.3 Requirements for connection to an air interface of a telecommunications network – Part 3: GSM
  • AS/CA S042.4 Requirements for connection to an air interface of a telecommunications network – Part 4: IMT-2000 Customer Equipment
  • Compliance with these standards is mandatory for all devices that connect to the mobile phone network, and use voice or data.
  • GSM (2G) and GPRS devices must comply with AS/CA S042.1 and AS/ACIF S042.3.
  • WBCDMA (3G) and LTE (4G) devices must comply with AS/CA S042.1 and AS/CA S042.4.
  • Satellite Phones must comply with AS/CA S042.1.


ACMA compliance of handsets and modems connecting to the mobile phone network can be fraught with difficulties. EMC technologies staff can advise and guide you on the reports, documents and the administrative steps required for compliance.
EMC Technologies can assess the relevant documentation and if found satisfactory, a Certification Body Statement (Certificate) is issued indicating compliance with the relevant telecommunications regulations. After the compliance label (A-tick or RCM) is applied and certain other reports and documents have been prepared, the product can be legally sold.

Benefits in appointing EMC Technologies as your Australian Local Authorized Representative.

  1. EMC Technologies offers you a foothold in Australia and New Zealand. : a name, address, telephone and fax number. Saves you the cost of an overseas office.
  2.  Make entrance to Australian –New Zealand market simple: You need only ONE Local Authorized Representative to deal exclusively with the RCM marking regulatory issues, and you can have multiple importers, distributors and sales representatives.
  3. Gain easier access to Australia-New Zealand Market: as long as your products have the RCM label using EMC Technologies ACMA registration, importers, distributors and sales representatives will be easier to find and to deal with as they will not have to deal with complex conformity issues.
  4. EMC Technologies acts as the contact person for market surveillance authorities and end users when conformity issues are concerned.
  5. EMC Technologies stores and updates the Compliance Folders and technical files of the products sold in Australia – New Zealand , and makes them available to the appropriate authorities upon request.
  6. EMC Technologies Pty Ltd registers your products on the appropriate Data Base or register with the appropriate authorities.
  7. We monitor and report on new developments relevant in Australian – New Zealand product legislation..
  8. The fees are fixed per the contractual agreement . No surprises.
  9. EMC Technologies building has Department of Defence rated security. We have over 22 years’ experience and are trusted by local industry to protect their Intellectual Property. We guarantee no involvement in any business other than testing and approvals. We are not at all involved in product sales or manufacturing. We will keep your business secrets confidential. It is EMC Technologies that keeps your technical files, not the local distributor who could one day be your competitor.