EMC Technologies

Companies who wish to legally sell electrical devices to the Australian/New Zealand markets must have local representation. Where an Australia/New Zealand local office, importer or distributor does not exist or is not financially feasible, EMC Technologies local representative service can be used. We also provide expert consultancy services for product certification and compliance.

FCC, CE, ISED, RCM, RSM & VCCI Accredited EMC, SAR, Radio & Safety test lab

Regaulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) Authorised Local Agent & Experts


EMC Technologies’ Japan section was established to provide a Local Representative Service (also known as Authorized Representative Service) for Japanese electrical & electronic equipment manufacturers wishing to export to Australia and New Zealand. EMC Technologies is a registered supplier under the Australian government regulations applying to most electrical & electronic equipment including domestic appliances, wireless, Telecoms, Mobile Phones, Medical equipment, lighting products and electrical machines…


The benefits to Japanese manufactures using our Local Representative Service are:

  • You can ship direct to multiple customers rather than a single agent who will not normally be willing to share Compliance Records with competitors.
  • On-line sales to Australia/NZ will be legal since approval requirements have been met.
  • Instant access to authoritative information on regulations, standards and related.
  • Access to internationally accredited testing facilities including EMC, EMF, SAR, Wireless, Safety, Telecoms and Medical equipment.

About Us

The EMC Japan office is staffed by their Japanese – English speaking Technical Specialist who is supported by the comprehensive resources of the EMC Technologies group in Australia and New Zealand. EMC Technologies Pty Ltd has been providing Local Authorized Representative services under the Australian C-tick and A-tick Labelling regulations since 1997 when the regulations were introduced…